Friday, December 10, 2010


Music is something that is universal. You're going to find it in some form wherever you go. It has really hit me lately how music has bloomed into everything that it is it is able to reach out to so many...6 billion souls in different walks of their lives. Music is not one concrete thing. It is such a broad spectrum, all inclusive of the organazation of sound. What are its boundries? What limits the variety in the emotional responses it can bring forth? There are no limitations. But perhaps there are boundries, and perhaps boundries don't mean limitations. If we really think about music as it once was compared to music as it is, we will see that there would be no music as it is if boundries were never crossed...if there weren't those who had something to say that did not fit within the boundries. In the classical era of music, acceptable music was subject to strict adherence to order. A well known composer, Beethoven, had something to say with his composition beyond those boundries set, and thus was born the romantic era, often thought to be started with Beethoven's "3rd Symphony." Music has continued to change since then (obviously) through those select few artits who rebel against what is accepted, create controversy, then develop a following. I believe this has all come about by those who have a passion for speaking through music. Music as an aesthetic art is most definitely a form of expression. This is amazing to me. I believe that every musician of every genre who has ever been heard by anyone has passed a message through their music. I believe that EVERY artist has something to say. More so, I believe that God speaks through music as well, by placing this passion of music into souls...into the souls of artists, the souls of listeners, record label owners, producers, promoters, whatever the role may be in the musical realm. The message may be one to move the whole world, or perhaps just one individual who is in need of inspiration. This is my passion, to reach out with music...whether that be by simply leading Sunday morning worship to focus souls on the Lord , or by pursuing my dreams in the music industry by helping artists create their music and to get their message heard. It's so amazing to think about how different of a person I would be if it were not for the development of music throughout time. Music has played a huge role in my faith, my personality, my passions, my goals, my values, and my life as a whole. I know there are other souls like mine who are in desperate need of music. I want to reach out with music because music is what has reached me.