Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Surrenduring..

A father loves his little girl, so he gives her a plastic toy necklace made to look like a string of pearls. Just something cute, no biggie. But the girl freaks out, she puts on her plastic necklace and refuses to take it off. She wears it to bed, she bathes in it, it never leaves her neck. Soon it starts to get all gross and her neck is turning green, and things are getting out of hand.

So moved is the father, that he decides to give the daughter a real pearl necklace. So he finds his daughter, and he holds the real pearls in his hand behind his back, telling his daughter that he has a surprise for her, then he holds out his other hand, and he asks his daughter to take off her favorite necklace and give it to him.

The daughter runs away crying! How could my father ask me to give up this thing I love so much. If he knew me, and understood this situation, he would never ask me to surrender the one thing I care about most. But she knows she can’t hide forever, so she gathers up her courage, and with tears in her eyes, she hands the father the old cheap plastic necklace. Only then does she see what the father has in store.

On surrendering, it’s not about what you’re giving up, it’s about the real and authentic and much more valuable thing you’re receiving. It’s about asking God to take away something you want, to make room for the thing that He wants for you. This is a prayer He will honor, and that you won’t regret.

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